• 35 Reasons the Corporate Traveler Needs to Fly First Class
    June 2016

    5 Reasons the Corporate Traveler Needs to Fly First Class

    Airlines have never catered so enthusiastically to business travel clients as they do today. Learn why luxury is the only way to fly with these tips from Joy Travel.

    For typical vacationers, the flight portion of a trip is purely practical. Travel websites routinely advertise cheap flight options as their major selling point—and for good reason. The differences between economy and business class have never been so extreme. Today’s major airlines have all turned their attention to the front of the cabin, so those in the back deserve every financial break they can get.

    With corporate flyers willing to spend more money for a taste of luxury, carriers have upped the ante when it comes to delivering a stellar in-flight experience. Here are five reasons why executive travel needs to be first class:

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    #1. The perks keep piling on!
    Savvy business people realize that flying in the front is actually more economical in the long run if you travel by air often. First and business class tickets often give better rates on return—sometimes up to 150%! So your company can rack up serious mileage points to be used on future flights, luxury products, and more. Details vary, but a corporate traveler stands to gain much more than a little extra legroom by upgrading.

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    #2. Need rest? You better be in the front.
    For long-distance and international flights, a luxury travel management company will recommend an airline with fully reclining seats. Unlike the angled varieties of yesteryear, today’s carriers are all about giving corporate travelers the relaxation they critically need.
    Individuals can sleep soundly and enjoy direct aisle access so they never have to disturb their neighbors. Best of all, global airlines are in total competition to gain business class travelers. So, the food, drink, and other comfortable amenities continue to increase while prices stay the same.

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    #3. Business class travelers enjoy essential perks.
    When you’re journeying for work instead of pleasure, those little hassles you encounter on an economy flight can amount to serious problems. What if your luggage gets lost, or the security line is backed up for an hour?
    With a first-class ticket, your bags arrive first on the carousel, and you often enjoy a dedicated check-in counter and security queue. In some cases, airlines even cater to elite guests with their own terminals replete with elegant lounges where you can get work done in peace and quiet.


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    #4. You don’t have time for economy.
    The best travel companies specialize in time efficiency. So, when an expert concierge service recommends first class for business travelers, it’s not only about the luxury travel experience. Being able to board first and avoid tirelessly waiting to exit the plane saves precious time and energy that you need for performing the day’s tasks.
    While flying economy saves money, you’ll never save peace of mind. A smart corporate travel management company will make sure the airline’s business class ticket affords you quick, quality service.

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    #5. Today’s economy is the stuff of nightmares.
    It’s no mystery that the majority of America’s airlines are in financial trouble. To stay afloat, they’ve modified planes so that the typical commercial flight gives passengers next to no legroom. Flyers have to cram in like sardines, fight for overhead space, and receive no extra amenities beyond the sip of a beverage and a paltry bag of snacks.
    For an individual flight, airlines’ potential profit sometimes boils down to a single corporate traveler. This is why they strive so eagerly to provide a superior business class experience. But more importantly, it’s why flying economy is so miserable.