• 3You Can Go on a Great Trip – To Canada!
    March 2017

    You Can Go on a Great Trip – To Canada!

    Want to go to France and Hollywood on one trip? How about you visit Canada? Quebec is an almost exclusively French-speaking city in Montreal, while Vancouver is quickly becoming the go-to destination for movie and television production. Ottawa, Canada’s capital, boasts the finest of dining and entertainment. Add in Columbia, Alberta or Ontario for picturesque mountains, rivers and waterfalls and you’ll have plenty of reasons to sing, “Oh, Canada!” Here’s a few places JoyTravel.com recommends you consider visiting.

    Destinations to Visit in Canada:
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    Natural Attractions and Parks

    Canadian Rockies: Known as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, the Canadian Rockies make up the second half of the North American Rockies in the U.S.. Unlike the 12,000 foot peaks of its sister, the tree lines here are much lower. Tourists are amazed by the beautiful snow-capped peaks, crystal lakes and diverse wildlife.
    Yoho National Park: A whole trip could be spent at Yoho National Park. Check out Takkakaw Falls. Translated as “Magnificent Falls,” the water is fed from the Daily Glacier, a part of Waputik Icefield. It is particularly beautiful in late spring after the heavy snow melts.
    Georgian Bay: Known for its white pine forests and jagged bedrock, Georgian Bay is located in the north east section of Lake Huron in Ontario. Beautiful beaches line it to the south, making it a perfect choice for hiking and chilling near the water on the same day.
    Niagara Falls: A trip to Canada would not be complete without a visit to this incredible group of waterfalls. Crossing both the United States and Canada, one can find incredible views of rushing waterfalls. Visit via the visitor center or take a boat tour!
    Stanley Park: Canada has some beautiful parks, with Stanley Park topping the list in beauty and fun. This is a wide-spread urban park. It includes benches for picnics, a beach seawall, scenic trails and water features for the whole family.
    Jasper National Park: For a more laid-back mountain experience, consider visiting Jasper. Just as beautiful as some of its bigger mountain brothers and sisters, Jasper National Park is the perfect stop for wildlife, trails, hiking and views of beautiful mountain peaks. The town is full of friendly people and fine eateries.
    Banff National Park: If you were to visit one place in Canada, Banff would be it. Banff is the oldest national park in Canada, having been established in the Rocky Mountains in 1885. Located between Calgary and Alberta, you can expect to find glaciers, densely populated forest, ice fields and a wide variety of wildlife and plants. A popular place to stay is the Banff Springs Hotel and Lake Louise Chalet. Many folk choose to take train rides along the mountain for breathtaking views of the country.
    Toronto Islands: This chain of islands is located south of Toronto’s downtown. With bridges and pathways connecting them all, this is a fun destination for shopping, eating, bike riding and loads of entertainment from music to street fairs.

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    CN Tower: Considered 1 of 7 natural world wonders, the CN tower is a five hundred and fifty three foot high observation and communication tower in Ontario. It is the third tallest tower in the world. This is the place to come for a view of Canada. Sit above a glass platform and eat while it rotates!

    Parliament Hill: History buffs will love this new age/gothic structure containing the legislature of Canada. Expect beautiful grounds, tours and lovely artwork.

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    Entertainment and Attractions

    Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory: With over two thousand tropical and multi-colored butterflies, check out incredible flowers and greenery. Meticulously maintained paths curve through rainforest environments and waterfalls. It’s located on the grounds of Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Don’t be surprised to see at least 45 types of butterflies during your visit.
    Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: Located in Toronto’s downtown just down the road from the CN Tower, this aquarium offers incredible aquatic visuals. From salt to freshwater tanks, you can glimpse at over thirteen thousand specimen and more than four hundred and fifty species of marine life. This is a favorite with kids!
    Butchart Gardens: Water features are amazing, but don’t forget to check out Butchart Gardens. It features lush plant exhibits and is peppered with delicious restaurants and entertainment year round.
    Blue Mountain: Come during snow season and check out some of the finest skiing in the world at this ski resort in Ontario.


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