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    December 2016

    Say “Hola!” to Costa Rica with JoyTravel.c

    Want sun and rain, beaches and forests – all in one location? No, you don’t need to visit California or
    Florida.Consider,instead, the beautiful country of Costa Rica. All you have to do is say “Hola” to


    Why Costa Rica?
    The bigger question is, “Why not?” This tropical country, located in Central South America, has
    everything one would expect from its Caribbean and Pacific coast neighbors. Beaches, volcanoes,
    rainforests, tropical plants, volcanos, animals and more. Add in the fact that this is one of the most
    eco-friendly countries in the world and you’ll have yourself an adventurethat is good for the planet
    as well as the soul. Here are just few of the many wonders of Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica Hot Spots!
    Nicoya Peninsula: With beaches covering this area from end to end, the Nicoya
    Peninsula is plastered with mountains, allowing for breathtaking views of the surf below. Once
    filled with volcanos, adventurers can now spend their days hiking through dry and wet tropical forests.
    Caves like Barra Honda are a must for adults and kids like. Equally interesting is the Curu Wildlife
    Refuge that holds 232 bird species as well as an ocean coast that is dominated by sea turtles during
    nesting time. Finally,hikers will enjoy Montezuma waterfalls that provide travelers with both stunning
    scenery as well as the opportunity to swim and lounge.

    Arenal Volcano: If seeing a live volcano is on your bucket list,check out the Arenal
    Volcano located in the north west of Coast Rica not far from San Jose. While not life threatening, people
    can still marvel at the well timed eruptions by day and party in La Fortuna at night.

    Guanacaste: Translated into “Gold Coast,” Guanacaste is world famous for its beaches.
    Celebrities and regular folk flock here to sunbathe against a backdrop of mist-covered
    rainforests. White sand extends all the way to the border of Nicaragua where people can also take in
    simple fishing villages.Traveling inland, one can see an active cowboy culture andenjoy authentic
    shopping and eating.

    Celeste River: If you’ve ever wanted the experience of wading in crystal blue water,
    come on down to the Celeste River. This is not for the non-physical fit as it takes three hours to
    hike there through beautiful rainforest terrain.

    San Jose: Second to the natural beauty of Costa Rica is the man- made beauty of an
    incredible city. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and rife with shopping, entertainment, food,
    drink and more. Consider seeing the museums such as The Jade Museum and The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum
    before heading into the more primitive parts of the country. Both structures contain incredible
    pre-Columbian treasures and artifacts.

    Manuel Antonio National Park: Located on the Pacific Coast, this national park
    has some of the best rainforest views in the country. Expect to see white sandy beaches, coral
    beaches and a wide variety of plant and animal life including 100s of bird species, white faced
    monkeys and toucans.

    Corcovado National Park: Located in the South West of Costa Rica, Corcovado National
    Park is gaining a reputation as one of the planet’s most diverse bio-systems. Housed here are jaguars,
    squirrel monkeys, scarlet macaws and more. Hikers will enjoy the beautiful coastal trails that weave
    through beaches and rainforests.

    Parque Nacional Tortuguero: Come out of your shell with this spectacular wilderness
    area. Located off of the north coast of Costa Rica, these beaches feature nesting grounds for sea
    turtles (including endangered green turtles). River turtles canbe spotted via canoe or boat.

    The Poás Volcano: If an almost 2800 meter strato volcano is what you consider fun,
    this is the explosive show for you. This volcano has erupted almost 40 times since 1828.Other sites
    of interest include:

    Chirripó National Park
    The National Theatre of Costa Rica
    La Fortuna Waterfall
    Centro Costarricense de la Ciencia y la Cultura (Science Center)
    Uvita Island
    The Las Baulas National Marine Park
    Monteverde (home to cloud forests)
    Jacó (small city with night life)
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