• 3A New Year, New Orleans Style: Don’t Miss Out on Everything the Big Easy Has to Offer!
    February 2017

    A New Year, New Orleans Style: Don’t Miss Out on Everything the Big Easy Has to Offer!

    Located on the Mississippi River in Louisiana, New Orleans is known for a lot more than Mardi Gras (which, for the record, is coming up on February 28.) This Southern jewel is dripping in live music, eccentric art, rich architecture and a trifecta of French, African and American culture. Once a heavy slave owning culture, there are plenty of museums and plantation homes to visit. From Victorian parlors to rowdy river boats and jazz, New Orleans is truly the city of sass and brass.

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    Adventures You Won’t Want to Miss in the New Orleans

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    The French Quarter: AKA Vieux Carré, this is definitely at the top of our list as the go-to destination in New Orleans. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville in 1718, this neighborhood reflects everything from modern music and art to hints of architecture hailing back to Louisiana Purchase.

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    The Cabildo: Considered a National Historic Landmark, this Spanish masterpiece was constructed between 1795-1799. It has a view of Jackson Square and sits in the French Quarter. Once a main arm of colonial government, it’s now a museum.

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    The Pharmacy Museum: Who knew that New Orleans was the home for licensed pharmacists? Take a tour for yourself and learn about everything from ancient practices of bloodletting, chilling surgical tools, and potions used by Voo Doo doctors.

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    Jackson Square: Other than the Superdome, Jackson Square is one of the most famous landmarks in Louisiana. Once a military plaza, Jackson Square is now the size of an entire city block, featuring artists, musicians and street performers.

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    Audubon Aquarium of the Americas: Think the only tuxes in Louisiana are worn by jazz singers in the French Quarter? Think again. Turns out there are penguins at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, along with an underwater reef, sting rays, shakrs, rays, tarpons and more. A Caribbean reef along with a see through walking tunnel inspires visitors everywhere. Don’t miss the sea turtles, too, which are part of a rescue program.

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    Bourbon Street/Royal Sonesta/Galatoire’s Restaurant: Since the early 1700’s, Bourban street has had an illustrious past as a mainstay for breweries, stables, luxury homes and fine entertaining. Although it’s not terribly old (1969) it reflects the original grandeur of a French/Creole row house. If all this beauty makes you hungry, don’t forget to stop at Galatoire’s – opened since 1905. It features French Creole food and is particularly popular for lunch on Fridays.

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    Raise the Bar – at Some Cool New Orleans Bars: While there are as many watering holes as you can find eccentric people, here are just a few bars that really stand out: Blacksmith Shop – located between St. Phillip Street and Bourbon Street in a creole style cottage. It’s been around since 1722. The Old Absinthe House building – also on Bourbon Street. Originally, an import firm, it became a saloon in 1874.

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    Art Museums: Be sure to include a few museums on your trip. May we recommend? New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) – the oldest fine art institution in New Orleans. Don’t miss the Sydney and Walkda Besthoff Sculpture Garden (NOMA) – known for its incredible landscape, two hundred year old live oaks as well as its camellias, pines,
    magnolias and scenic pedestrian bridges.

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    The Original Café Du Monde Coffee Stand: A trip to New Orleans would not be complete with a visit to this iconic coffee and beignet bar. Originally established in 1862, it offers 24-hour service and has some of the best pastries and coffee in the world.

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    Cemeteries: New Orleans is known for its ghosts, and for its incredible cemeteries. Here are some spooky, and beautiful, ones to consider: St. Roch Cemetery #1 – Built in 1789, it’s New Orleans oldest graveyard. It features a labyrinth of tombs and famous names. La Fayette Cemetery #1 – Anne Rice fans will enjoy this destination. Her Mayfair Witches and the vampire Lestat‘s tombs are based on of this site.

    Plantation, City and Bus Tours – Oh My!

    New Orleans is so full of things to see, you might consider booking a guided bus, boat or city tour to take it all in. Even better, contact JoyTravel today to get started on an colorful, historic and memorable adventure through one of the U.S.’s most memorable and historic cities.