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    January 2017

    New Zealand – A New Traveling Adventure JoyTravel.com Stylec

    If the awe of a volcano, the call of the woodlands and the sea are of interest to you, then New Zealand just might be your next travel destination. This paradise is located in the south west Pacific Ocean and is famous for its glaciers and rich sea life. From the North Island’s Capital Wellington (Te Papa Tongarewa and an impressive national museum) to Fiordland on the South Island (think Lord of the Rings) it’s no wonder more people are booking New Zealand than ever before. Joytravel.com will book your vacation of a lifetime also.

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    North Island: From majestic beaches to live volcanos, this is one island you won’t want to miss. It’s ripe with
    traditional  Maori heritage and still retains a feel of old world despite some new world twists. 
    Just a few places on the North Island include:
    Ruapehu: This area has 3 volcanos that sit above deserts, lakes, forests and rivers.
    Lake Taupo: Consider a biking excursion through trails that feel like they’ve been transported
    from the sea to land.

    Whanganui: This is considered a“big river town” thanks to its flowing waters and gorgeous bridges.

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    South Island :It’s not uncommon to peruse a winery by day and glaciers by day, then enjoy natural wildlife and
    gorgeous star filled skies by night on the South Island. A few areas not to be missed include:
    Nelson: The sun shines brightest here than any other city in New Zealand. Don’t miss its pristine forests,  majestic
    mountains and lengthy gold beaches. People are friendly and the food is amazing.
    Marlborough: If wine is your thing, you’ll feel buzzed for Marlborough. With its location at the top of  South Island,
    you can find some of the most famous sauvignon blanc in the world. Don’t miss out on the  boat cruises, waking and
    hiking as well as the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center.

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    Bay of Islands: Known for its fishing, this town is 3 hours away from the main capital of Auckland. There are one
    hundred and forty four islands including the great Purerua Peninsula. and Cape Bret. This is a must-stop adventure
    for scuba divers of all levels.

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    Milford Sound: Considered by some to be the 8th Wonder of the World, this oceanic paradise was created by
    enormous glaciers during the Ice Age. Except daunting cliffs rising from sharp fjords topped off by rushing waterfalls
    and mountains.

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    Auckland: A trip to New Zealand would not be complete without a visit to its largest city. Auckland  boasts a world 
    class airport. This is a traveler’s paradise for restaurants, museums, night life and more.

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    Waiheke Island: Only 30 minutes from Auckland, this island is known for its delicious wines and  eateries. In
    addition  to being a foodies’ paradise, you can enjoy forests, olive groves, a pulsing art community, air flight tours
    showing off incredible scenery and, of course, hiking.

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