• 3Safari Your Way into an Amazing Vacation in Africa!
    April 2017

    Safari Your Way into an Amazing Vacation in Africa!

    Africa is known for its wild animals, incredible culture and diverse landscapes from deserts to lush savannahs. Isn’t it time to break up your predictable vacations with a safari of your own? JoyTravel.com is ready to book you an adventure of a lifetime – Africa style.

    Africa – It’s Bigger than You Think

    Africa is the second largest continent in the world – even bigger than the U.S., China, India and most of the U.S. combined. Below are some categories of places, animals and landmarks to consider visiting when booking your trip.

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    Animal Attractions and Safaris:
    Tanzania – Join a Migration!
    From zebras to wildebeest, these wild animals are always on the move. You can join the herd by booking a trip in September. First stop? The Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. If June is more your speed, book a safari down the Serengeti via the Ngoro Ngoro Reserve in Tanzania.
    Rwanda – Mountain Gorillas
    Enjoy spectacular trees and brush, as well as some of the world’s most majestic mammals by visiting the Rwanda rainforest. Tour guides can get you close up and personal with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.
    Kenya – Rhinos at Solio Reserve
    Rhinos are incredibly rare. See them for yourself in the Solio Reserve. Located in in the valley of Mount Kenya and the high mountains of Aberdare, this reserve is home to around 250 black and white rhinoceros.

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    Beaches and Recreation:
    Kenya – Table Mountain
    Named for its flat surface and sloping sides, Table Mountain in Kenya is a gorgeous beach city. Flanked by the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, it has the honor of being one of the most photographed beaches in history. Book a cable car ride at sunset or sunrise for some truly spectacular views.
    Kenya – Horseback Riding
    If traditional safaris are not adventurous enough, consider booking one via horse in the Masai Mara. You’ll need to spend at least a week as it covers over 62 miles. A highlight of this safari will be riding side by side with native zebras.
    Zambezi, Zambi – Canoeing
    Check out elephants, hippos, gazelles and more getting their fair share of liquid at the local watering hole. Guided by experienced tour guides, a canoe tour offers a safe and magical experience without bothering the animals.

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    City and Street Life:
    Morocco – Djmaa el Fna
    One can’t experience Africa without stopping at the exotic region of Morocco. Snake charmers, dancers, fruit sellers and henna artists pitch tents under the hot sun and tell stories to eager listeners of both their wares and their intricate culture. (And if you think it’s exciting by day, just wait until the music starts at night!)

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    Natural Landscapes:
    Namibia – Sossusvlei Dunes
    Translated as The Gathering Place of Water, these dunes are incredibly beautiful – but incredibly dehydrating. Trees known as camelthorn scatter across the clay, giving an eerie and skull-like feel to this haunting landscape.

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    Landmarks & National Parks:
    Malawi – Nykia National Park
    See antelope, zebra and even leopards in this green and hilly park. Rivers and waterways slice through the plateaus, offering spectacular waterfall views. Stop nearby at the Great Rift Valley with its plunging mountains and rushing river in between.
    Botswana – Nxai Pan National Park
    Nxai Pan National Park presents incredible views of salt-filled plains. It’s home to cheetah, leopard and lion, as well as enormous herds of giraffe (who travel in groups to safeguard themselves against the giant cats!).
    Eastern Congo – Virunga National Park

    If exploding volcanos are your thing, check out the Nyiragongo Volcano in Virunga National Park. While it wasn’t any fun for the thousands of people who had to move in 2002, it’s contained now and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors.

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    Food To Try:
    There’s so much cuisine in this diverse country, but here are a few you will definitely want to sample:

    Biltong – Meat that’s been cured and marinated – originally from South Africa
    Mandazi–  Savory and sweet fried bread – most popular in East Africa.
    Jollof Rice– A West African rice dish utilizing tomatoes, rice, tomato paste, salt, red pepper and onion
    Couscous  An alternative to pasta (made from durum wheat) and popular in North African

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