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    January 2017

    Say Hola to Mexico, JoyTravel.com Style

    Located between the United States and Central America, Mexico is a gorgeous oasis famous
    for its Gulf of Mexico and Pacific shoreline. This destination is popular not only for
    its nightlife and rich cultural history, but its beauty and friendly people are unparalleled.
    It’s not uncommon to find oneself strolling through old ruins of Teotihuacan one day while
    shopping in and dining in Mexico City the next. With a fun mix of old and new world, Mexico
    is worth its pesos in gold. Here are a few places that you’ll be glad you said hola to.

    Ciudades de Mexico – Mexico Cities You Won’t Want to Miss!

    Tulum: While the Riviera Maya is still a great choice for parties and beach bathing during
    the spring, Tulum remains the quiet but elegant choice for today’s luxury adventurer. Think
    crystal clear blue waters, unwater sea caves ripe for exploration and rich bio reserves.
    From sunning on the beach to exploring natural sea wonders, one can easily spend an entire
    trip in Tulum alone.

    Playa del Carmen: If Europe were Mexican, Playa del Carmen would be its namesake.
    Sitting along the Yucatán Peninsula, it’s not uncommon to find European vacationers
    sipping café lattes alongside expats. It’s a “who’s who” kind of town with its artsy
    public squares, niche restaurants and eccentric shopping options. With El Zócalo at the
    center, travelers won’t want to miss La Quinta located within walking distance from the
    white sand beach. Within easy travel distance from Tulum, one won’t want to miss the
    beautiful wonders of Rio Secreto and Xel-Ha as well.

    Oaxaca: Go from beaches one day to five thousand feet above ocean level the next thanks
    to Oxaca. Known as one of Mexico’s premiere colonial cities, this mountain town is located
    around an old school city square and is chock full of local Mexican food, stunning crafts,
    funky wares and hopping markets.Foodies in particular love this city!

    Cozumel: It’s not a big surprise that Mexican cruise ships tout Cozumel as one of their
    primary stops.Clear aqua ocean and white sand sit side-by-side oceanfront shopping, dining
    and activity. Cozumel is also known for its diving and fishing (think glass bottom boats
    and scuba diving).Cozumel also has an insane nightlife.

    Zihuatanejo: For a bit more of a low key adventure, Zihuatanejo offers exclusive white sands,
    more than thirty diving locations for fishing, a chill vibe and multi-colored sunsets.
    It’s not uncommon for locals to interact with tourists in a slow, easy manner. Expect
    less partying and morechatting, with a kick back Mexico feel.

    Guadalajara: Our list would hardly be complete without a nod to one of Mexico’s
    biggest urban landscapes. The hometown to tequila and mariachi music, travelers can
    expect hopping night clubs, diverse museums, and plenty of luxury hotels and restaurants.
    What makes this city so charming is its many secret getaways all tucked along a beautiful
    ocean shoreline.

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