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    August 2016

    Sit Down and Lounge – HERE!

    There are ordinary places to sit and wait for a flight, and then there are extraordinary business lounges that can make you forget you’re even in an airport. If you have to do a layover anyway, why not consider booking a flight through one of these five airports – and stay longer than a few hours to take advantage of all the amenities?

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    1. British Airways Concorde Lounge, LHR
    Don’t be fooled by the whole “England has terrible food” rumor. This lounge is best in class when it comes to dining. First Class travelers can partake in the best cuisine and wine the world has to offer thanks to top chefs and exquisite menu planners. Need time to digest and snooze? No problem. British Airways Concorde Lounge offers rooms with a “cabana” style offering of luxury sheets and linens. Plus, there’s even a spa if you want a last minute back massage before hopping on the plane again!

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    2. Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
    England is on a roll thanks to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Heathrow. 8 years older than the Concorde Lounge (but no less modern and elegant) Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse offers hair salons, spas and a whimsical architectural design that keeps millennials through octogenarians engaged in technology and comfort.

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    3. China Airlines Lounge
    Located in Taipei, this lounge is akin to a Chinese garden mixed with Southern comfort. One can find a technology zone, an office area, a quiet rest area with beds and a well heeled restaurant. Tea lovers will go crazy for the magnificently stocked tea bar. If that’s not enough, there are also breastfeeding rooms, showers and free WiFi!

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    4. Quantas First Class Lounge, Sydney Australia
    If you want a lounge with both personal and professional space, this is the one! Weary travelers can indulge in an almost one hour complete body massage or dine at the famous Rockpool restaurant. It features a natural looking design with lots of wood, ferns and an ecofriendly architecture.

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    5. Finnair Premium Lounge
    Think Finland can’t keep up? Think again. This premium lounge offers the best of Scandinavian comfort and artistic appeal. The premium lounge offers three specific areas containing mellow décor and soothing mood lighting. There’s a children’s play area, a plethora of Apple Mac computers, a spa and even a fantastically staffed bar.