• 3Vietnam…VietNOW… Top Reasons to Visit Vietnam Today!
    March 2017

    Vietnam…VietNOW… Top Reasons to Visit Vietnam Today!

    From beautiful landscapes, delicious food, an incredible history and super friendly people, Vietnam is an exotic and heartwarming destination that should top your travel bucket list. Contact JoyTravel.com to begin creating memories of a lifetime, Vietnam style!

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    Local Dining:
    Street Food: While there are plenty of eateries and restaurants throughout this country, the food from the locals on the street are often the best. Choose from pho soups (noodle based broth) or bun ca (pork and fish based soup topped with dill.) Not to be confused with bun ca, bun cha is grilled pork served on top of rice noodles. It comes with mouth watering dipping sauce and herbs.

    NOTE: While the food is hard to put down, you’ll want to look up at the incredible people watching opportunities on the street. It’s not uncommon to see old and young locals hanging out and enjoying a laugh, dance or good conversation. In fact, it’s the personality and connection of the people which make this country so invigorating.

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    Floating Markets: Located in Southwestern Vietnam, the Mekong Delta offers incredible floating markets near where the Mekong River feeds into the ocean. Colorful, vibrant and full of food, flowers, seafood and crafts, these floating markets are like “It’s a Small World” meets the shopping mall. When you get tired of the water mall, consider checking out land via Can Tho. Can Tho is affectionately called “The Rice Bowl” and is a great way to check out urban life.
    Land Locked Markets: Markets throughout Vietnam can be massive inside. Expect to spend all day shopping for spice, fabric, clothing, crafts, fruit, vegetables, jewelry and more. Like the street markets, this is an excellent place to people watch. It’s not uncommon to find people taking siestas or flirting in between sales.

    NOTE: The animal products and seafood are so fresh, they don’t smell.

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    Motorbikes: Unlike the United States and other countries, the primary mode of transportation in Vietnam is motorbikes. With over thirty nine million bikes, and a whole lot of congestion and chaotic street crossings, it’s imperative to get used to the ambience on the street if you are to travel safely. Whether you rent a bike, hire a driver or simply want to take your life in your hands and cross the road yourself, spend some time getting to know the patterns of traffic before embarking on your adventure. (We want you to come home safely!)
    Bus Tours/Private Drivers/Boats: While you can definitely traverse Vietnam on your own, consider hiring a private driver, taking a boat tour or boarding a bus. Not only will you see more than you might see on your own, the tour guide will likely become one of your greatest sources of info on both the history and local life of Vietnam.

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    Food and Drink:
    Coffee: Did you know that Vietnam is the 2nd largest producer of coffee in the world? Come for the beauty, stay for the beans! Rich, dark and flavorful, Vietnamese java is not to be missed.
    Delicacies: Bánh xèo – rice pancakes – are a staple of this land. Consisting of flour and water, these cakes are simple but made delicious when dipped in a variety of local sauces. They possess a beautiful yellow color thanks to the turmeric.

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    Halong Bay: Four hours away from Hanoi, Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Tonkin. It juts out to the sea and creates spectacular photo opportunities thanks to its view of mountains, water ans sky.
    South Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh: Once known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is located on the Siagon River close to the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam. It was the capital city during the Vietnam War and is popular today for its historic buildings, museums, nightlife and food.
    Mekong Delta: Almost a whole vacation could be spent here, thanks to the fruit orchards, multi-colored floating markets, sugarcane groves, rice paddies, bird museums and sweet, quiet villages. Plantations are ripe in the area thanks to the waterways. This is definitely a must-see stop to see a gentler, quieter Vietnam than city dwellers experience.
    Hanoi Region: Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and boasts a hectic and invigorating pace. If the street vendors or motorbikes don’t intimidate you, stay for the music, bars, food and dancing. Wind down with museums such as the Vietnam Fine Art Museum. Check out history with the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

    Other Regions include but are not limited to:
    Ha Long Bay
    Quảng Bình Hoi An

    Landmarks and Parks Include:
    Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
    My Son
    Cu Chi Tunnels

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