• 3Want a Balance Between Work and Play?
    September 2016

    Want a Balance Between Work and Play?

    Here are five of the most economical (and fun) places to visit this winter.

    1. San Diego:
    The temps are low at this time of the year, but so are the prices of the hotels. When the fog isn’t around, it’s the ideal time to see whales. Plus families can enjoy lower prices on Lego
    Land and Sea World. (And a beach sunset looks good in any weather!)


    2. Puerto Rico:
    It might be cold in the States during the winter, but it’s premiere travel time in Puerto Rico. Temps are in the eighties most of the time and the hotels can be booked for way less than during
    the summer. With all the fortresses and museums to see, as well as the beach, it can be fun to enjoy this beach paradise without the crowds.


    3. Key West:
    Ahh… Key West. Florida’s Beverly Hills with the beaches and golf courses. It might be fun to lounge in the sun during August, but it’s way less expensive to chill in a luxurious hotel
    during December. And did we mention you have little chance of a hurricane if you book during the winter? That’s reason enough to pack your bags and go!


    4. Vancouver:
    Snow enthusiasts will love Vancouver during the winter, but even those who don’t like to ski or snowboard can enjoy the city. Vancouver is gaining a big reputation for its food and wine, as well as its Festival of Lights during December. Hotelsare deeply discounted during the winter, too. (And let’s not forget Niagara Falls! Enjoy that rush of water knowing the only torrent is
    from the waterfall and not your money being thrown away!)


    5. South Padre Island:
    Never heard of it? That’s okay. Many people haven’t, which is why it is such a great choice for you if you want a peaceful and quiet getaway this winter. South Padre Island is a tiny
    island right off the coast of Texas.